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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Review

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is very well built, it's comfortable, has some weight to it and has textured grips to keep the controller from slipping out of your hands. There's no creaking or bending of the controller while playing, It's the alternative choice for those who want a more traditional way to play games compared to the Joy-Cons setup with the standard Attachment or Charging Grip. It comes with a USB-C cable and can be charged from the Switch docking station or AC adapter.

It's an overall improvement over the Wii U Pro Controller, ditching the odd right joystick placement and moving it below the primary buttons, resembling a Xbox controller. It also has larger trigger buttons up top and larger X, A, Y, B buttons which are certainly welcome but it does still lack the pressure sensitive secondary analog triggers that both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers have - I personally like having that when it comes to racing games. The analog sticks feel smooth and rise slightly around their circumference to prevent your thumbs from slipping off.

The classic D-pad makes a return again on the Pro-Controller, It's the same size as the d-pad on the Wii and Wii U Pro Controllers. It feels responsive and has the solid quality clicks you've come to expect from Nintendo controllers but I found that in a few instances, I've accidentally click one direction when pressing another, thankfully it doesn't happen to me all the time but it could be improved. The + and - button placements are easier to use compared to the Joy-Con setup and are more in reach this time around compared to the Wii U Pro Controller but I wish the buttons would protrude outward more like the Wii U Pro Controller. While playing and without looking down at the controller, I find myself feeling around the for the + or - buttons because they sit almost flush with the controller face and it makes them somewhat difficult to press. The Screenshot and Home buttons also sit very flush and sometimes I'll accidentally end up pressing them instead of the - and + buttons.

The battery life is phenomenal, I can't remember the last time I plugged in the Pro Controller to charge it up. It can hold a charge for 40 hours and takes 4-5 hours to fully recharge. The Controller has the advertised "HD Rumble" that's been featured with the Joy-Con controllers. As far as I could tell—with the handful of games I've tried—the rumble feedback functions about the same as it does with the Joy-Cons. It also has Motion Sensors and built-in Amiibo functionality, you can place the Amiibo figure on top of the switch icon of the controller to scan it.

It connects to the Switch via Bluetooth so you can easily use this controller on your home computers or smart phone as well. I've had some trouble getting it to connect on Windows 7 but then I tried Windows 10 and it was as simple as having your PC search for a BT device while holding the sync button on top of the controller for 3 seconds. Once the controller is properly synced, you can use it just like any other Bluetooth controller. Initially, I had some issues getting the Pro Controller to connect to my Switch but since then, it's been connecting every single time, one push of the Home Button and it takes 2 seconds.

Just like the Joy-Cons, the bottom of the Pro Controller has four LEDs that represent which player it's set to(starting from the left) and if it's properly connected to the system. It is a pricey controller, at this point it cost $69 and that makes it a good $15-20 more expensive then it's competitors. It currently does not have a headphone/mic jack.

Comfort wise, It could possibly be the most comfortable controller out there. Sometimes I even forget I'm still holding it when gaming for a while. If you own a Nintendo Switch and want a more traditional way to play your games that provides a proper d-pad, larger primary buttons, ergonomic shoulder buttons, extremely long battery life and is very comfortable to hold.. the Switch Pro Controller is certainly a step-up from your Joy-Cons.

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