Happy Fourth, Year 3!

Happy Fourth of July! The years are just flying by..

I wanted to post this yesterday but didn't have the chance to, since we were busy spending the day with our families. This is the third birthday of the website, it went live in July of 2014 and that was after putting over a year of work into designing the site, finding out which video game albums are available to purchase online and providing links to those various outlets, creating playlists and Video Game Music Awards on our Youtube and Soundcloud pages to aid others in discovering new video game music, and of course uploading albums that are currently out-of-print or have never received an official soundtrack release. It's great to hear from all of the people enjoying the hard work we put into extracting, editing and uploading these video game albums. From the people who don't even play many video games but love the music, to the people that want to bring video game music to their Guitar or Piano teacher so that they can learn how to play a song. We appreciate all of the kind words and support. Here's to another year of Video Game Scores.