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Postal 2

Postal 2 was released by Running With Scissors back in April of 2003 for Windows, Linux & Mac OS. The soundtrack is composed by Christian Salyer. The Postal 2 Music tracks are easily obtainable by browsing the Music Folder within the game's local files, they're in .ogg format and all of the tracks are labeled so identifying them isn't a problem. As for ediitng, I only made small tweaks to the titles such as "Fire In The Hole(Club Music)" and "Holy Defecation (Easter Boss)".

In case you're looking for it, we didn't include the track "A Fall To Break - Stole My Faith" that you hear on a music player in the hotel because the it's available to purchase at on the band's Spotify. Altogether, The soundtrack consists of 19 tracks. Man, Postal 2 brings back such great memories of the last summer before college started for me. Simpler times!

You'll find the Postal 2 Soundtrack in our archive. Enjoy!

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