Sonic The Hedgehog

I don't think this soundtrack needs much introduction. Sonic The Hedgehog was released in 1991 for the SEGA Genesis and like most games from that time, it doesn't have an official soundtrack so the music files need to be obtained from the game itself. I came away with 19 tracks—including the handful of cues—from the game and I cleaned them up, amplified, looped them twice and added fade-out and silence after the start of the third loop. As for the order of the tracks, I placed them in the order they're played in-game with the exception of the short cues such as "Continue" and "Stage Clear" which I placed at the end of soundtrack. I made sure it sounds high-quality, not only because of it being one of my personal favorite soundtracks but one of the most popular in the video game music world. You'll find Sonic The Hedgehog in the archive and hope you enjoy!