X-Men 2: Clone Wars(Genesis)

The Soundtrack for X-Men 2: Clone Wars is now uploaded. This version consists of the actual Genesis game music unlike the Sega Tunes version we uploaded two weeks ago. A couple of the tracks are played in multiple areas in the game so I placed them with the title and the order they appear first and then used the second location they're heard, such as "09 - Exodus / Master Brain Boss Battle". For the rest of them, I just followed a walkthrough a named the tracks accordingly.

One thing that was bugging me a little bit, was the music that plays during the Jungle/Savage Land and the Elevator music towards the end of the game I don't see in the files. Maybe I'm missing something but I didn't want to spend too much time on it since the tracks aren't exactly stellar in my opinion but down the road when I do a playthrough of the game I may just line-in and record it that way.

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