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Metroid Prime: Hunters

Metroid Prime Hunters is our next Metroid Soundtrack upload to the site, it was released in 2006 for the Nintendo DS system. The game takes place chronologically between the first Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime: Echoes, though it doesn't have a direct impact on the series story. The developers stated that Hunters is a side story to the Prime trilogy. I never finished the game personally, for some reason I just could not get used to the controls on the DS - aiming with the stylus, tapping on the screen to fire and it felt somewhat clunky to control Samus' movements but I still have my copy of the game so maybe I'll give it another go down the road. I do like the games premise of other hunters interfering with Samus' objective, It breaks away from the traditional mold and it also reminds me of the hunters you encounter in Metroid Prime 3(some of which were fantastic battles).

I'd be up for Nintendo releasing a HD upscale of the game to the Wii U with a control scheme similar to the other Prime games, sounds pretty good right? There's an idea for ya Nintendo;)

The soundtrack's uploaded and I've placed the Fanfare cues or Jingles together at the end of the soundtrack.

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