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Little Inferno

Little Inferno was developed by indie company Tomorrow Corporation and was originally released in 2012 on both the Wii U and PC; then later released for iOS, Android and OS X in 2013. The soundtrack is composed by Kyle Gabler. It's a sandbox type puzzle game where you control a flame and ignite various objects in your "Little Inferno Fireplace" in order to keep warm from the harsh winter outdoors. It's an entertaining game, the artwork is very well done, but it can get a bit repetitive after a few rounds of burning items. The game tries to change things up a bit by introducing a combo setup where you have to combine two or more items in order to complete the task-sheet you are given. The game doesn't flat-out tell you what these items are but instead provides a hint and it's up to you to figure out which items are needed. There's no real difficulty aside from the secondary puzzle elements, so it is a game anyone can enjoy.

Two things stood out for me during my playthrough, the witty writing (the characters communicate to you via letters and the one-way conversations are cute and entertaining) and the score -- it's simple, melodic, and fits the "Tim Burton style" of this game very well. The score carries a heavy heart at times and compliments the games playful characteristics at others.

The soundtrack is available to download in both FLAAC & MP3 format at Tomorrow Corporation's Website and if you'd like to know a little bit about the music writing process for the game, Kyle Gabler runs through some of his steps on the page as well; a little insight for the fans out there!

If you haven't had the chance to play Little Inferno yet, at least give a listen to the OST and I'm sure you'll find a few tracks to add to your Video Game Music playlist. You'll find Little Inferno Original Soundtrack in the archive.

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