A NiGHTS Remix: Another Dreams

A NiGHTS Remix: Another Dreams was released by Tokuma Japan Communications in 1997 and consists of 11 remixes from the game NiGHTS Intro Dreams. There are 4 vocal tracks, 3 of which are remixes of NiGHTS main theme called "Dreams Dreams" and is sung by vocalist Curtis King, Jr. and Dana Calitri. The fourth vocal song--[Interlude]--is just a shorter version of the song "18 - Dreams, Dreams - A Cappella Version (Boyz II Men)" from the Christmas NiGHTS album but apparently there seems to be some dispute over whether or not it is actually BIIM in the song.. after reading up on it, it appears that the vocals are sung by: Marlon Saunders, Gabriel Morris, and Issa Clemon. Which is odd considering when the cd is ripped, it comes up as BIIM as the artist but It's obviously a misprint.

The Disc has been Out-of-Print for some time now but I've uploaded the album to the site (in 320kbs) for those of you looking for it.