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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords was released on December 6th of 2004 and the soundtrack is composed by Mark Griskey. The soundtrack was originally very low quality, it was recorded in mono(not stereo) at 10kHz. Thankfully, Obsidian released a patch upgrading the music to stereo quality but the bitrate of the files themselves are still 128kbps. So, we took great care in improving the sound quality and performing the usual looping(where necessary), fade-out and so on. I've listened to quite a few different game extractions on youtube and I'm proud to say, I think we have the best quality out there for this one.

There were still some tracks that were in Mono, so I had to convert them to Stereo(such as M4-78 Version 2, Cantina Bar Beat, and Cantina Jazz) and those tracks—even though they sound much improved from the source—don't have the crispness that the rest of the tracks have.

Instead of placing the tracks in the order they are heard in-game like we usually do, we decided to place them in the order they appear in the music menu of KOTOR II and use those titles for the appropriate tracks to save time and use the official titles.  With the exception of Trayus Core, Polar Plateau and the M4-78 tracks since they do not appear in the music menu of the game.

There were also a fair amount of redundant tracks such as mus_s_darkside and mus_s_kreiaevil—with the latter in mono instead of stereo. So, we left the lower quality versions out of the score.

I didn't bother with the .bnk cutscene files because there are too many sound effects scattered throughout but the short cues at the end of the soundtrack are heard during the cutscenes(68-Miscellaneous is used in the movie file KhoMov04, mus_sbat_900 is heard in movie file KhoMov03 and so on). as well as other moments in the game.

There are a lot of ambient tracks in the games files as well but I only included two, the Dantooine and Ebon Hawk Ambience tracks. There's no reason I picked these tracks but I figured I'd pick at least two ambient tracks. I didn't want to include all of them since there's no music, it's just birds chirping, wind blowing, ect. I didn't include sound effects either because I wanted the focus to be on the music.

Lastly, there are some songs included that go unused in-game. Such as mus_a_800b which was going to be used for the droid planet M4-78—one of the reasons it was cut from the game was that Lucasarts wanted the game released by Christmas of 2004 and so Obsidian had to cut it from the game to make that date work.

And that's about it. We have a couple other projects in the works so we'll be uploading them as soon as they're ready.

*UPDATE: Apparently the album art wasn't applied to all of the tracks but that's fixed now.

Sonic The Hedgehog

I don't think this soundtrack needs much introduction. Sonic The Hedgehog was released in 1991 for the SEGA Genesis and like most games from that time, it doesn't have an official soundtrack so the music files need to be obtained from the game itself. I came away with 19 tracks—including the handful of cues—from the game and I cleaned them up, amplified, looped them twice and added fade-out and silence after the start of the third loop. As for the order of the tracks, I placed them in the order they're played in-game with the exception of the short cues such as "Continue" and "Stage Clear" which I placed at the end of soundtrack. I made sure it sounds high-quality, not only because of it being one of my personal favorite soundtracks but one of the most popular in the video game music world. You'll find Sonic The Hedgehog in the archive and hope you enjoy!

Nintendo Switch Presentation

In less then one hour, Nintendo's Switch Presentation begins..

I'm cautiously optimistic. Nintendo is hard to predict, they tend to go their own way and do their own thing. I respect them for that, wanting to come up with something unique and different from other console manufacturers. At the same time, I do hope for a couple of things this time around.  On top of the obvious hardware specifications we'd like to see, here are 4 things I most want from the new console.

1: Achievements/Trophies/Gamerscore - I know some people could care less about this but It's fun competing with a friends trophy list and unlocking 100% for a game you thoroughly enjoyed. Sometimes you find things in that game's world that you may have missed otherwise, defeat a boss a certain way, carry a Garden Gnome through an entire game..  There are a number of examples but I would like to finally see this on a Nintendo console and it would add replay value to Virtual Console games(Super Mario RPG!). 

2: No More friend codes - It's time for these things to go. If you'd played anything on the Wii, 3DS or Wii U, you know how annoying it is. Let's hope that we have a proper gamertag/screen name whatever they want to call it.  

3: Online Chat - Whenever we would play Mario Kart 8 online with friends, since we couldn't chat during the race, when we would finish and return to the lobby, everybody would be yelling at once! Not being able to chat during races or create a private chat with friends? That's another thing that needs to change.

4: Games - The Wii and Wii U had some very good games, some were great. But there is so much untapped potential at Nintendo, not just new IP's but what about an open world Donkey Kong like DK64? or a large scale RPG with various Nintendo characters? We haven't seen a proper Metriod or F-Zero in some time now. Third party support is a must this time as well. I do hope we see more than just side-scrolling platformers(as great as some of them are).

But I guess we will just wait and see what the Nintendo Switch Presentation has to offer. Let's hope for the best!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Official Soundtrack

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Official Soundtrack was released in November of 2000 and the reprint—which is what we uploaded—was released in December of 2013. I don't own a copy of the original print so I can't directly compare them side-by-side but from what I've read the reprint is the better version, even with it's flaws of some tracks being recorded at a lower db than others, the track stay more true to how the songs sound in-game.

There are other versions of Majora's Mask such as the German Nintendo Power release in 2000, which has 30 tracks on Disc 1 and 24 on Disc 2. There are remixed versions of Sonata of Healing, Mysterious Times, Eternal Legend and Salia's Song on the German version that aren't included on the Official Set so I'm going to see if I can track a copy of that version, as well as the remastered 3DS version which I hear sounds fantastic. You'll find The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Official Soundtrack in the archive.

Paper Mario Game Music Soundtrack CD

Paper Mario Game Music Soundtrack CD(What a title) was never released in stores and the only way to obtain it was to sign-up for Nintendo Power back in 2002. Finding a copy online is rare, I rememeber seeing one copy a while back on ebay for $400 - which is around the amount that the Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version is going for. The album—as far as I know—contains every track from the game but it's been a while since I've last played through the N64 Paper Mario. So, if there's a song or two missing from this soundtrack, send us a message and I'll see if I can find it in the game files. Paper Mario Game Music Soundtrack CD is uploaded in 320kbps MP3 and you'll find it in the archive.

Update: I accidently posted Disc 1 twice but now it's corrected.