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'16 Original Game Score of the Year - Nominees

Here are our picks for Original Game Score of 2016! There wasn't any voting this year, mainly because of time constraints and late game releases. We always try and listen to every possible game soundtrack that we can and games such as the Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV had such late soundtrack releases that we had to wait for our copy, listen through them, come up with our likes and dislikes of the albums. So, I think next year we may move our awards to the following year, that way we'll have more time to consider the nominees and choose accordingly. We have a pretty diverse video this year that I wasn't expecting at first but that's part of the fun of doing this, finding ost's that surprise you and also, at times..  disappoint you.

We'll post our winner soon.

Sonic 3D Blast


Sonic 3D Blast was released in 1996 for the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive system and the Sega Saturn. I've always had mixed feelings about the game, even when I was younger. It depends on who you talk to but the isometric gameplay isn't for everyone, it's quite a departure from the fast-paced side-scoller everyone was accustomed to. That being said, the visuals were impressive at the time(reminds me of Mario RPG's graphics) and the music was catchy and melodic. The score is composed by Jun Senoue, Tatsuyuki Maeda and Seiroh Okamoto.

I included three unused themes in the soundtrack. The Unused Boss Themes 819 and 825 are virtually identical with the exception of kettledrums in the 825 version. I haven't spent much time reading about it why they weren't included but as far as I'm aware it basically comes down to the numbers representing the beta versions of Sonic 3D Blast that were released and the with the chipset of the console. I did read that one reason that the tracks went unused was because of lag that would occur if played on the Mega Drive(Genesis) compared to the Wondermega console. Not sure if that's completely true or not but I figured I'd put it out there. So, the unused boss theme went unused up until Sonic 4: Episode 1 was released in 2010 and then it was used as the "Boss Themes" in the game. I also labeled Panic Puppet Zone as "Introduction/Panic Puppet Zone: Act 1" since you here the song during the opening movie before you begin the Green Grove stage.

And that's about it, the Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis) soundtrack was pretty straight forward. I looped each track twice and added fade out on the third play as I've been doing with recent uploads. The Saturn version soundtrack should be added soon as well.

The Game Awards 2016

It's that time again! The 2016 Game Awards begin at 6pm(PT) and 9pm(ET). You can watch it via PSN, Xbox Live, Youtube, Steam, Twitch, Twitter and I'm sure there are others that I'm forgetting at the moment. There will be special reveals of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Prey and possibly a surprise or two.  Hideo Kojima will finally accept his Industry Icon Award and DOOM composer Mick Gordon will play live during the show—check out the video below. Will he play the fan favorite BFG division, Rip & Tear, Flesh & Metal? Who knows, whichever song is chosen, it will be pretty darn awesome to see live.

And of course, I'm curious to see which game they pick for original music of the year. Enjoy the show.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

I've been wanting to work on this soundtrack for a long time now and I'm glad to say that the past two weeks I finally got around to it.  Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is the second installment in the long running Paper Mario Series and is still to this day.. the best one released(yes, the first PM is a great game but second my books). It's been about, nine or ten years since I last played through TTYD and the story of my last playthrough is interesting and a testament to what a great game it is..  

So, I played through the entire game and reached the point where I was about to open The Thousand-Year Door and enter the Palace of Shadow(for those of you that don't know, that's the very end of the game); I saved and went to bed.  The next day after work, I went to load up my save and..  yup, nothing is there.  It was really my fault for using a cheap aftermarket purple memory card for the GameCube but everything was gone, including my PM:TTYD saves. I remember feeling.. well, not happy, as you would imagine. I told myself I would not do that all over again, especially not anytime soon. A week or so go by and I went online ordered a Nintendo Licensed black 251 memory card, popped it in, sat back and played through the entire darn game again. Finished up the Palace of Shadow that I missed, defeated the Shadow Queen, watched the credits roll and I actually enjoyed it just as much as I did the first around.  Moral of the story, do not rely on cheap knock off memory cards.  Now, on to the music.

The soundtrack was pretty straightforward, I took the stm  or stream files  off of the .ISO I ripped, converted them, edited and labeled the tracks according to when they play.  There were some tracks like evt_mri1  and _mri2 or stgk_fld1_up1 and _up2  that are identical with the exception of a very short intro attached, so I excluded the non-intro versions since there is less audio(which is what I did with Skyward Sword).  As for the tagging, the tracks that are recycled throughout the game are tagged based on when they're first heard - such as Magnus Von Grapple Battle  that's played again during the second battle with Crump at Keelhaul Key. I used some in-game dialogue to tag some of the events that occur to make the titles sound more original such as "You're Interrupting My Me Time" and "Pirates do not MOAN!"(what a great line).

This is one of my all-time favorite games and If there is ever a HD Remake(make it happen Nintendo!) I'd definitely give it another playthrough.  I also wanted to say that the newest game in the series Paper Mario: Color Splash is so far, one of the better ones I've played recently and it has some good music if anybody was wondering. You'll find the PP:TTYD OST in the archive.

Wii U System Music

I've always enjoyed the background music of Nintendo systems such as the Wii, Wii U and 3DS. If you own these systems, you know what I'm talking about. Sometimes you find yourself just sitting and listening to the various music from Nintendo's eShop, Friend List or Main Menu. It was cool to see that Nintendo continues to update it's channels with fresh new songs, sometimes every few months. It took me a little while to get them all edited and organized but I'm glad to say as of.. October 29, 2016; I believe I included every Wii U System Song that is currently available(already waiting for the msg that I missed one). Most of the system tracks have two different versions, one from the TV and the other from the Gamepad.  The gamepad tracks were a little tricky but for the most part I was able to remove the noise and edit out some audio defects I heard.  I looped each track twice and fade out during the third play, sharpened them all up a bit and I think the quality of them turned out great. If anymore new songs arise—who knows with the Switch right around the corner—I'll try to get them uploaded as well.

So, the Wii U System Soundtrack.. All done. You'll find in it the archive. Enjoy.