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Currently listening to..

I think I'm going to start occasionally posting songs that I've been listening to, possibly get some feedback and maybe even aid others in the discovery of musical scores they weren't aware of. To start this off, I finally had the chance to listen to Uematsu's score for The Last Story.. and this song is currently stuck with me. Really enjoying the rest of the album by the way.


After completing the labeling/tagging process, somehow the entire thing got earased.. yeah it figures. So, I gave it a second try and finally the 91 Track OST—including Midi files—is all set and up on the site. When are we getting a sequel?

Metroid Prime

Now uploading one of my favorite games and OST’s of all time. It’s the original 2003 Japanese release combined with a few additional songs from the game that weren't included in the album.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Original Score

This one took a while.. perhaps longer than I'd like to admit(it contains 314 tracks after all), but the SSBB soundtrack is finally properly tagged with Arrangers, Composers, Album art, and Track numbers. The site is still being worked on, it may take a year or so, but will be enabled as soon as possible.

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