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Website Development Update

It’s been quite a while since I posted any messages on the status of the website, so thought I’d say the site is coming along well for anyone that happens to skim through wondering about it’s progress. Keep in mind this site is a side project, I chip away at it when I get free time, considering how involved it’s become I knew it was going to take some time to design and organize properly but I am satisfied with how it’s turning out..

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I enjoy playing a good "point-and-click" adventure game now and again. As I'm currently playing through Syberia, I had the chance to upload the rather short OST the other night. It has a few enjoyable melodies but a little more variation would have been welcome.


E3 2013

Today is the first day of E3! Let's hope there are some new stand out titles. I personally wouldn't mind seeing Mirror's Edge 2, Final Fantasy 15(we know by now Verses has had a title change), Last Guardian, Beyound Good & Evil 2, Half-life 3? Alright, that's a long shot.. And of course seeing what indie developers have to offer. The soundtracks are always superb from the studios that develope these titles, so, of course I cannot wait to see if they're shown. Not to mention the occassional E3 surprise we all look forward to--Nintendo I'm looking at you. Time to catch up on some E3 footage.

Currently listening to..

Beautiful song, the measure starting at 1:00 has to be my favorite. I'm actually in the process of uploading the score now, and as long as it's not available to purchase.. I'll leave it up:).

A Little Mall Shopping

Yes, that is the Mall Tycoon 2 Soundtrack. Not exactly stellar but I had it laying around so, in case someone is looking for the music.. it's now uploaded.