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Valkyria Chronicles

I'm not exaclty sure when this happened.. but apparently iTunes no longer carries the soundtrack to Valkyria Chronicles, that's odd considering they offer it's sequels(II and III). I actually cannot find it to purchase anywhere, which is a shame because it's a fantastic piece of work by Hitoshi Sakimoto. So, I took it upon myself to upload it to the site. Enjoy:)

Embrace The Darkness

This one was quite the project. Aside from the main themes(character themes, opening, ending, ect.), I decided to label each location by seperating the Ambient, Stealth, Action, and Combat sections; otherwise the tracks would be 10-15 minutes long and I think this way makes it easier to find a track you may be looking for. I also added: Fade-In, Fade-Out, Silence, Equilazation and I Amplified some of the lower pitched parts. I listened through it and it sounds good. I'll post a few songs I'm currently listening to off it once I get a chance.

As always, if you find any issues that I may have missed, let me know at

Currently Listening To..

This week, my motherboard finally gave out(It was a X58 Classified3 for those wondering). It's been giving me trouble for a little while now so, I knew it wouldn't be too long before it went. Anyway, while my main workstation is down, I'm using my reliable XPS as a backup. It can't run many high-end applications but It gave me the chance to finally play through Bastion. Fantastic game but the music didn't grab me right away, it works for what it is but at the time there wasn't that One Song that usually drives you to pick up the OST. It wasn't until I reached the level that played "Build That Wall(Zia's Theme)" that I said to myself.. I have to pick up this soundtrack.

I listed the song I'm currently listening to below, It's the ending theme that plays during the credits, which actually blends two of the songs from the game together--Build That Wall(Zia's Theme) and Mother I'm Here(Zulf's Theme). Enjoy.

Website Development Update

It’s been quite a while since I posted any messages on the status of the website, so thought I’d say the site is coming along well for anyone that happens to skim through wondering about it’s progress. Keep in mind this site is a side project, I chip away at it when I get free time, considering how involved it’s become I knew it was going to take some time to design and organize properly but I am satisfied with how it’s turning out..

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I enjoy playing a good "point-and-click" adventure game now and again. As I'm currently playing through Syberia, I had the chance to upload the rather short OST the other night. It has a few enjoyable melodies but a little more variation would have been welcome.