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The entire score to 'The Darkness' is essentially a Metal Head's dream. Fueled by power chords, double-bass and crashing cymbals--It's all there. I've listened to quite a few Video Game Soundtracks over the years but you really don't come across that many that take a Hard Rock approach to the score, typically--from what I've heard over the years--for a battle scene the composer uses a fast tempo orchestral approach or perhaps pulsating techno for a more electronic oriented approach. The Darkness has it's orchestral foundation for the ambient sections and the main character themes(which to be fair, is still a majority of the score) but it takes a backseat to the bass and electric guitar come the battle portions of the game and it really stands out.

I love when I play through a game and the music never leaves my mind, It's a sign that the sound team on the game did one heck of a job. Of course not every composer needs to have a hard breakdown section during a boss fight but I like when a soundtrack tries a different approach--especially if it works.

There are so many other songs to recommened on the score but Darkness Main Theme, Subway Station Part 2 and Chinatown - Combat are my other favorites from the score if you guys want to check out more.

Mario Tennis 64

I actually forgot that I had the soundtrack to Mario Tennis 64 in the archive. I couldn't find it to purchase anywhere online--aside from one used copy for $50 on ebay--so, I've uploaded it to the site, with the english track titles. Enjoy!

Me & My Katamari



I just finished up linking the Katamari Damacy games to the archive and it looks like the Me & My Katamari soundtrack is out of print, I checked around on a couple of the Japanese stores(Play-asia, Yesasia ect.) and even they are out of stock. There are a few copies floating around for $150-200 on ebay and other sites but I've uploaded the OST onto the site for anyone searching for it.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

The sequel to one of my favorite musical scores is now available; Castlavania Lords of Shadow 2. I'm glad that the OST is being released simultaneously with the video game because when the original Lords of Shadow was released back in October of 2010, the only way to obtain the OST was to purchase the collectors edition of LoS. It wasn't until three years later that the OST was given a proper digital release. And for such an outstanding score, it was ashame that all that time nobody could easily purchase it. That's a small gripe I have with the Gaming Industry and is why I've started this website!

But I digress, the album will be released tomorrow from iTunes, Amazon and Google play but if you want the album now and want more bang for your buck, pick up the Director's cut from the guys at Sumthing Music. (Remember to watch-out for spoilers..)

Super Mario 3D Land

The soundtrack to Super Mario 3D Land is now uploaded! and It sounds great. The Score consists of 63 tracks; there were a few I couldn't find out who exectly wrote the piece so, I credited Takeshi Hama, Mahito Yokota, Asuka Hayazaki and Shigetoshi Gohara as the artists on those tracks.