When we first create this website, our main goal was to provide a way to listen to Video Game Music that had no official release. We achieve this by extracting the audio files from the video game itself - decoding if necessary - then we properly arrange the music tracks in their chronological order, add proper titles, release date, album art, composer, arranger and vocalist. Making the albums as professional as possible. After that, we upload the album to our website for others to enjoy while giving full credit to their creators; who deserve more recognition for the great music they write. Which brings me to the next step we took in our website's development, providing links of where to purchase albums that are available online. We were surprised by how difficult it can be to find certain albums during a web search, whether it be Google, Bing or Yahoo! One way or another, they would only bring up these albums if specific keywords were used. For instance, Original Game Score instead of Original Soundtrack or Original Sound Version after the game's title. Granted, most of the popular Video Game Soundtracks are revealed during an online search but this prompted us to provide a gateway through our website for those searching for the Video Game Music they desire.

If there is an album you want to listen to but can't quite find, feel free to browse our growing library of albums and we'll direct you to a retailer where you can purchase it. If the music is not available to purchase, make a request to us in the Forums section and we'll do our best to upload the music if we do not currently offer it to download.      Also note, that we will not post downloadable links to Video Game Scores that are available for purchase online—we get a fair amount of requests for this so I wanted to mention it. Video game composers deserve to be compensated for their talented work and joy they've brought to us all; so we will only upload scores that have no official release, are currently out-of-print, or if a composer allows us to upload songs that they list as a download on a personal website. Over time, an album we offer as a download may be re-released or released for the first time and if that's the case, please send us an e-mail and we will remove the downloadable links to the album and will provide a link to the distributor(s) for others to purchase. We make no profit on this site and wish in no way, to undercut anyones hard work.

If you happen to find errors in our listings for composers, release dates, track titles, ect. Please let us know, we'll research to make sure it's correct and edit the current listings. We're very thorough in our process but everyone makes a typing error every now and again.  For preservations sake it would be ideal to have everything correct. With your help, I'm sure we can make that happen.

We're always adding new content so be sure to follow us and also tell your friends and family about these fantastic scores of the video game world.