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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Official Game Music Soundtrack

Middle - Earth: Shadow of War was released in October of 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows. This 2-Disc soundtrack is composed by Garry Shyman and Nathan Grigg, it came packaged with the "Middle-earth: Shadow of War Mithril Edition".  It is yet another official soundtrack that you have to be lucky to find online because it's not available from outlets such as Amazon, Google Play, eMusic or iTunes. While I was searching for purchasable links, I noticed something odd.. It seems like 2014's Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor's Original Soundtrack has been removed from the iTunes store, that's where I purchased my copy from but it's no longer available. We'll check into that later.  Having not purchased the Mithril Edition of Shadow of War, I had to search action sites for weeks before I came cross a copy at a reasonable price. If you want a physical copy for yourself, keep an eye on ebay and every now and again you should come across one from $35-50(yeah, the pricing is getting up there). If not, our copy of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Official Soundtrack is uploaded in both MP3 and FLAC. You'll find it in the archive.

HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch Officially Licensed by Nintendo

The HORI Compact Playstand for the Nintendo Switch is adjustable to 30, 50 and 60 degree angles; it has two dowels that fit securely into slots on the bottom of the Nintendo Switch console to prevent it from sliding once placed on the stand. Using the Switch on the adjustable playstand is certainly an upgrade over the built-it kickstand on the backside, on top of allowing the system to be charged while gaming...

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Kingdom Hearts -World Tour- Encore!

It was just announced that KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World Tour- Encore! The official KINGDOM HEARTS video game concert series kicks off starting June of 2018. As many of you know, last year was the first time that the music from the KINGDOM HEARTS series was heard live in concert with the 15th Anniversary of KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World Tour- and now the concert series is heading back on the road for a second time. More cities are added to the tour dates this time around and the concert is being produced under the supervision of series creator  Tetsuya Nomura, with the music program being supervised by the original composer for KINGDOM HEARTS Yoko Shimomura. Here are announced locations and tour dates:

•Los Angeles (USA) – June 9, 2018 – Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
•Sydney (Australia) – July 7, 2018 – Sydney Opera House
•Chicago (USA) – July 13, 2018 – Auditorium Theatre
•Detroit (USA) – July 14, 2018 – Fisher Theatre
•Pittsburgh (USA) – July 16, 2018 – Heinz Hall
•Boston (USA) – July 19, 2018 - Wang Theatre
•Toronto (Canada) – July 21, 2018 – Sony Centre
•Atlanta (USA) – July 26, 2018 – Fox Theatre
•Dallas (USA) – July 28, 2018 - Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie
•Philadelphia (USA) – August 2, 2018 – Mann Centre
•Phoenix (USA) – August 4, 2018 – Symphony Hall
•Las Vegas (USA) – August 5, 2018 - The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
•Honolulu (USA) – August 12, 2018 - Neal S. Blaisdell Concert Hall
•Sao Paolo (Brazil) – September 8-9, 2018 – Teatro Bradesco
•Munich (Germany) – September 15, 2018 - The Gasteig
•Milan (Italy) – September 22, 2018 – Teatro Dal Verme
•Seoul (South Korea) – October 6, 2018 – KBS Hall
•Mexico City (Mexico) – October 20, 2018 – Auditorium Blackberry

It looks like tickets range from $50-180 with pre-sale tickets already being sold. Tickets will become available to the general public starting on March 13, 10:00am EDT. Sadly, there are only a few cities this time around offering VIP passes to meet and greet composer Yoko Shimomura but if you happen to be in one of those cities and are a fan of KINGDOM HEARTS, I'd move quickly to reserve tickets. I remember last year the VIP tickets sold out in a day near us, so act fast. There will also be a Special-Edition CD available with twelve pieces from the concert, as well as other merchandise. For more information you can visit the Wildfaery website here.

Metroid: Samus Returns - Samus Archives Sound Selection

Metroid: Samus Returns was released in September of last year for the Nintendo 3DS and is a reimagining of the 1991 Gameboy exclusive Metroid II: Return of Samus. The Special Edition of the game comes with the SAMUS ARCHIVES SOUND SELECTION which contains various tracks all across the Metroid series from the first Metroid for the NES to Other M for the Wii. The CD only contains five tracks from Metroid: Samus Returns and since there hasn't been an official score released for a Metroid game since the first Metroid Prime and Fusion, I'm doubtful that we'll see a soundtrack released anytime soon. It'll have to hold you over until we can get around to extracting the music files and uploading it ourselves.  Even if you've played through the original Metroid II, I'd recommend to any Metroid fan, pick this up if you own a 3DS. The visuals, music and controls have the Nintendo polish you'd expect and there some new additions compared to the original Samus II such as: Counterattacks, The ability to freely aim at any angle by using the shoulder buttons and Teleports(thank God) to prevent excessive backtracking. I had a great time playing through the game and now I cannot wait until Metroid Prime 4 is released.

The Soundtrack is going for about $15 on ebay if you want a physical copy. Our copy of METROID: SAMUS RETURNS - ARCHIVES SOUND SELECTION is uploaded in both FLAC and MP3, you'll find it in the archive.

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness(Pokémon XD: Yami no Kaze Dark Lugia in Japan) was released for the Nintendo GameCube in August of 2005. While it's not a direct sequel to Pokémon Colosseum, it's considered the successor. It contains some of the same music but re-arranged and it includes some of the same characters. The original score was written by Tsukasa Tawada, known for his work on several Pokémon games such as; Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon Battle Revolution and Pokémon Shuffle.  After dumping the BGM Files from the ISO image, I had to extract the two single channel DSP audio files from the FSYS files and then convert them to FLAC and MP3. After that we had to do our usual editing, looping(two loops, fade-out on the third), amplifying, tagging and organizing. It's a time consuming process but having it done right, makes it well worth it.

There are a handful of tracks that are identical but used for different events, such as: stm_bgm_XD_battle8  and stm_bgm_B_nikeldark  or stm_bgm_B_colosseum1  and stm_bgm_B_paira_1,  I only included one of those tracks to prevent redundancy.  Other tracks such as stm_bgm_B_lastboss  and stm_bgm_XD_lastbattle  are very similar as well,  but the XD Last Battle  version is unused in the game and is about a minute and a half shorter and has a naturally higher decibel level than the other.  There seems to be some word differences in the music files such as "Snatch Machine" instead of "Snag Machine" but it could just be that different terminology for the Japanese or European versions of the game, I'm not sure.

Most of the tracks were pretty easily identifiable (stm_bgm_B_colesseum1 = Colosseum - 1st Round), while others(stm_bgm_B_wirie =  Rider Willietook Battle) took a little digging to identify and properly label—especially for someone not familiar with the game. As some of you may know if you've been listening to our uploads, we don't want to break the flow music with fanfares, so we like to place the fanfare cues at the end of the soundtrack. For the fun of it, I also included a Sound Effect Selection Clip at the end.  All in all, I came away with 96 tracks and I'm glad to say that I think this is the cleanest upload of the score out there.

It's been a while since a home console has had a Pokémon game but hopefully Nintendo releases a open-world Pokémon game for the Switch. Until then, you can enjoy some Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness Music uploaded in both FLAC and MP3.